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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Get Leads Now!

Lead Carrot is a lead scraping engine that sources emails in a given area (Like Gyms, Realtors, Tech Companies, etc) which you can utilize by exporting as a CSV then import it into your spreadsheet. With the software, you can even run an email campaign an SMS campaign, and much more giving you an edge over your competitors. "Also, as the Pay Per Lead model continues to become more popular, agencies have needed a way to charge their clients at the time a lead comes in. Our one-time charge automation makes this possible! Very easy to set up and makes closing clients who are on the fence that much easier!"

Get Additional Capital

At NBCS they thrive on helping small businesses like yours grow! Get a snapshot of what your business financing journey will look like—between application, approval, funding, your business, and equipment. NBCS simple application connects you with our 75+ lender marketplace to get you the best rates, terms, and amounts.

Look at our partner section for more information at https://www.lynxsden.com/our-partner

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